Like the feel of just sharpened skates?

Then you need the Razor Sharp Pro Puck Sharpener!


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What others are Saying?

I bought 2 of the Razor Sharp puck sharpeners from your website, after trying another popular hand held skate sharpener (SM) with very poor results. I did not like the sandpaper rolls and the way you have to clamp on the device. I am so glad I found the Razor Sharp website, these things are GREAT! They are so simple to use that before every game and practice almost every player uses my RS sharpener on their skates, it has become popular on the bench as well. It also touched up my scissors and pocket knifes. Thanks RS for a very cool tool. GREAT GIFT IDEA !

Michael, West Hills, CA

The Razor Sharp is really great. I am a goalie, and this product is perfect for me- I can choose which part of the skate to sharpen. Thanks Razor Sharp for making my game better!

Daniel, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Wow!!!! I really put the razor sharp puck to the test and was really impressed. This product is really up to it's name and what a great concept of the design. I recommend every hockey player to have one in his bag.

Ernie, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Razor Sharp is so good that even Inuit (Eskimos) use it. I have tried it on my skates and some family members tried it, they like it so much I had to order 11 more just to give my family a Razor sharp. When you use the Razor Sharp you can feel the sharpness, thank you for the great product.

Edward, North of the 69th parallel, Nunavut, Canada

Every hockey dad should have one in his pocket. It not only can be used to sharpen and remove burrs before use but can be used as an emergency tool to quickly fix a skate that loses it's edge during a game's accidental skate on skate collision. It is a terrific tool, I don't think that there is anything else that works absolutely every time I've used it.

Stewart, Wayland, MA

Thank you for following up. I received your skate sharpener Thursday. I have used it on my skates and it works great!!!!!! You have a great product. Thanks again!

Fred, Walled Lake, MI

I have gone through many skate sizes and sharpening in the past 12 years. As for the past three years I have been skating two to three times a week, one to two hours a session. Before Razor Sharp I would go approximately 4 to 5 weeks in between sharpening. After about the 3rd week I notice my inside edge getting dull. I would tough it out for a couple of more weeks and than I would tell my parents I was due for a sharpening. There were times where my parents would not be able to get to it right away so I would go another two to three sessions on dull blades. Razor Sharp has helped me out so much. After three sessions my dad would use Razor Sharp on my figure skates and I can notice deference right away. I still get a fresh grind after 4 to 5 weeks, but I feel with Razor Sharp I can maintain the edge I need between sharpening. I also use it before I do my ice dance.

Amanda, Dexter, MI